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    Bead Stringing Cord

    The smaller the number the smaller the size (i.e., size 1 is smaller than size 2).

    Bead Cord Size Chart

    Diameter (mm)0.300.350.450.500.600.650.700.750.800.900.981.021.05
    Length (mm)4003102001359080655040    
    • Each card features top-quality German-made Griffin bead cord. This is the finest quality tight woven silk and nylon cord available. Each card is 6.5 ft. (2 meters) of brilliantly dyed, color-fast cord per card (with needle attached.Simply take the needle from the card and off you go! The twisted stainless steel needle save threading time. Doubling the thread is not necessary. There is no simpler, no quicker and no better way to thread beads. See also Griffin Bead Stringing Instruction Booklet.

      $135.00 to $145.00

    • A product that offers the best quality American-made beading cord available. Made from synthetic fibers that are stronger than its counterpart fibers (nylon) because it is made from three strands of long fiber, not just two. Tuff Cord will not stretch or stain and will resist fraying and shredding. Tuff Cord can be used without a needle!


    • Available in 2 grades: Bonded nylon has more body, will not unravel and resists wear and knots will not slip. Plain nylon is more flexible. Lengths vary with the size.

      $4.10 to $4.90

    • Minimum order 5 rolls assorted.

      A unique product that offer the best quality American made beading cord available. Both are synthetic fibers that are stronger than their counterpart fibers (nylon and silk) because both are made of 3 strands of long fiber, not just two. Silk Alike will ever stretch or stain, and both resist fraying and shredding.

      Smallest0145 yd..0078"
      198 yd..0108"
      266 yd..0132"
      349 yd..0162"
      436 yd..0192"
      533 yd..0216"
      624 yd..0288"
      Largest718 yd..0348"


    • Soft and flexible, yet strong. This stretchy bead and jewelry cord can be used for a variety of popular beading and jewelry applications.


    • Soft and flexible, yet strong.This stretchy bead and jewelry cord can be used for a variety of popularbeading and jewelry applications.


    • Our genuine leather cord offers a smooth finish, consistent color and flexibility. This quality round cord, made in India, is ideal for all your leather jewelry crafting requirements. Available in black, brown and natural with two options of lengths, you can create timeless designs from the traditional to contemporary. All cord below is round.

      $4.95 to $47.95