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Leather Bead Cord

Leather Bead Cord

Our genuine leather cord offers a smooth finish, consistent color and flexibility. This quality round cord, made in India, is ideal for all your leather jewelry crafting requirements. Available in black, brown and natural with two options of lengths, you can create timeless designs from the traditional to contemporary. All cord below is round.

From $4.95

BDC-553.06Black 0.50 mm diameter100 Meter$31.95
BDC-553.10Black 1.00 mm diameter10 Meter$4.95
BDC-553.11Black 1.00 mm diameter100 Meter$31.95
BDC-553.20Black 2.00 mm diameter10 Meter$5.95
BDC-553.21Black 2.00 mm diameter100 Meter$35.95
BDC-553.30Black 3.00 mm diameter10 Meter$7.95
BDC-553.31Black 3.00 mm diameter100 Meter$47.95
BDC-551.05Brown 0.50 mm diameter10 Meter$5.95
BDC-551.06Brown 0.50 mm diameter100 Meter$33.95
BDC-551.10Brown 1.00 mm diameter10 Meter$5.95
BDC-551.11Brown 1.00 mm diameter100 Meter$33.95
BDC-551.20Brown 2.00 mm diameter10 Meter$5.95
BDC-551.21Brown 2.00 mm diameter100 Meter$38.95
BDC-555.05Natural 0.50 mm diameter10 Meter$5.95
BDC-555.06Natural 0.50 mm diameter100 Meter$33.95
BDC-555.10Natural 1.00 mm diameter10 Meter$5.95
BDC-555.11Natural 1.00 mm diameter100 Meter$33.95
BDC-555.20Natural 2.00 mm diameter10 Meter$5.95
BDC-555.21Natural 2.00 mm diameter100 Meter$38.95
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