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American Pattern Square

American Pattern Square

The double cut file is used when filing slots, grooves, keyways, inside corners and square holes. Tapered toward the point, all four sides are equal filing surfaces. Swiss made. Available in Bastard Cut (00), 2nd Cut (0) and Smooth Cut (2).   These files are sold (and priced) as packs of 12 files.

From $114.60

32.421S2nd Cut4"12$118.80
32.427SSmooth Cut4"12$129.00
32.415SBastard Cut6"12$114.60
32.422S2nd Cut6"12$129.00
32.428SSmooth Cut6"12$135.00
32.416SBastard Cut8"12$135.00
32.423S2nd Cut8"12$154.80
32.429SSmooth Cut8"12$169.20
32.417SBastard Cut10"12$180.00
32.424S2nd Cut10"12$206.40
32.430SSmooth Cut10"12$222.60
32.418SBastard Cut12"12$255.00
32.425S2nd Cut12"12$291.60
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