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American Pattern Half Round

American Pattern Half Round

Popular with foundries and machinists. Material removal is rapid with this file, while leaving a smooth finish. Used for filing concave, convex and flat surfaces, as well as rounding out holes. Swiss made. Files available in Bastard Cut (00), 2nd Cut (0), and Smooth Cut (2).  The 4", 6" and 10" files are sold as packs of 12 files (and the prices shown are per pack of 12 files).  The 12" and 14" files are sold in packs of 6 files (and the prices shown are per pack of 6).

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32.317S7/16"1/8"2nd Cut4"12$164.40
32.324S7/16"1/8"Smooth Cut4"12$174.00
32.309S7/16"1/8"Bastard Cut4"12$150.00
32.310S19/32"5/32"Bastard Cut6"12$156.00
32.318S19/32"5/32"2nd Cut6"12$178.20
32.325S19/32"5/32"Smooth Cut6"12$182.40
32.311S 1/2"7/32"Bastard Cut8"12$188.40
32.319S 1/2"7/32"2nd Cut8"12$207.60
32.326S 1/2"7/32"Smooth Cut8"12$222.60
32.312S15/16"9/32"Bastard Cut10"12$204.60
32.320S15/16"9/32"2nd Cut10"12$252.60
32.327S15/16"9/32"Smooth Cut10"12$265.80
32.313S1-1/8"11/32"Bastard Cut12"6$150.00
32.321S1-1/8"11/32"2nd Cut12"6$162.60
32.328S1-1/8"11/32"Smooth Cut12"6$171.30
32.414S19/32"13/32"Bastard Cut14"6$54.90
32.32219/32"13/32"2nd Cut14"6$205.80
32.32919/32"13/32"Smooth Cut14"6$128.40
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