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    Wubbers Narrow Flat Nose Pliers

    Wubbers Narrow Flat Nose Pliers are especially useful when making sharp bends in wire or when working with small- to medium-sized jump rings. A great multi-purpose pair of pliers, you can use them for holding, adjusting, bending, and moving wire sizes12- to 28-gauge. The silky smooth, hand-finished edges help prevent marring and the matte finish inside the jaws holds securely.   Made of high quality stainless steel with padded handles.

    Total Length of Pliers6.5 inches
    Width of the Jaw at the Tip2.3 mm
    Length of Round Jaws27 mm
    Box Joint Dimensions8.0 mm Deep by 13.75 mm Wide by 19 mm Long
    SKU: PLR-1236