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Wrap & Tap Ring Bending & Looping Pliers

Wrap & Tap Ring Bending & Looping Pliers

Here is truly a revolutionary idea, simple, yet extremely effective, invented and patented by a master jeweler. We call them Wrap and Tap pliers, because the jeweler can wrap ring stock around the barrel shaped jaw, then tap it slightly on a mandrel and instantly make a complete ring, half or quarter shank for repair. Four styles are currently available, 14mm barrel for ladies 1/2 rings and 19mm barrel for gents 1/2 rings and coin mountings, Multi-size Small and Multi-size Large.Pliers are especially good for hollow rings and rings with a design on one side, because the lower jaw is covered with PVC tubing and cannot scratch or mar. You get a perfect circle time after time, with stock up to 2mm thick. You'll get perfect rings every time while saving time at the bench. We think that this is a must for EVERY bench. Made of stainless steel with PVC cushion grips. Compared to other ring, stock, wire and bezel rounding devices that are not as effective, our pliers are modestly priced. Length is 6" for the Ladies and Gents pliers, 6-1/2" for the Multi-size.

From $22.95

PLR-746.1414mm Barrel, Ladies Sizes$22.95
PLR-746.1919mm Barrel, Gents Sizes$22.95
PLR-746.02Multi-Size 5, 7, 10 mm$28.95
PLR-746.03Multi-Size 13, 16, 20 mm$28.95
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