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WhirlWind Compact Double Spindle System

WhirlWind Compact Double Spindle System

With the introduction of the Shor Whirlwind Polishing Dust Collection system in the 1950's, Shor revolutionized jewelry polishing by changing it from a greasy, grimy, gold wasting procedure, to a clean, efficient, production operation. this was accomplished by successfully meeting two basic requirements: 1) getting all the dust into the collector and 2) keeping it there.

To get all of the dust at the polishing area, the Whirlwind Systems features powerful dust collectors (3 HP for 3 and 4 station systems, 7-1/2 HP for 6 and 8 station systems) and suction hoods aerodynamically designed to give smooth, non-turbulent air flow carrying the dust from the polishing wheel to the collection chamber.

To keep all of the dust, the air is filtered through filter bags which stop all particles down to 1 micron (0.000039") in size.

This concept has been so successful that now virtually every polishing system used in the jewelry industry is either a Shor Whirlwind or a copy.

As new applications arose, Shor turned to its R&D department for new hood designs. First, the fluorescent lighted hood for cooler working conditions: then the Visilap hood for dust collection during visible lapping. This was followed by the Locked Grind hood when drindings were trapped in a locked drawer beyond the reach of unauthorized workers.

Today's Whirlwind Systems are completely modular: left and right hand polishing stations can be combined with Visilap and grinding stations. And desired combination can be made to order. Just let us know what you need.

Modular Design
Any combination of polishing, grinding and lapping stations.
3 station and 6 station can be expanded with just the addition of hoods and motors.

Specifically designed and built for the job; not just any motor adapted for polishing.

Dust Collecting Hoods
Aerodynamically desined for maximum suction at the work surface.
Hoods designed for each job; polishing, grinding and lapping.

Solid wood with formica tops. Heavy duty, welded, rigid, steel legs.

Dust Collectors
Highest dust collection efficiency. Trouble free operation.


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