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    File-A-Wax & Other Carving & Model Making Waxes

    Ferris File-A-Wax Carving Waxes

    Ferris File-A-Wax carving waxes are used for making models to be reproduced by the lost wax casting process. They can be sawed, filed or carved. Will stand rough handling and will not soften in your hands. Available in 3 degrees of hardness and in a variety of shapes.

    ColorFlexibilityMelt. Temps
    GreenCannot be flexed240° F / 116° C
    PurpleSome flexibility240° F / 116° C
    BlueWill bend 90 degrees on 1/8" thickness240° F / 116° C

    • $18.55 to $22.15

    • $10.40 to $20.40

    • $18.25 to $23.15

    • Easy-to-cut ring tubes for designing you own rings. Many rings can be made from each 6" long tube. All holes are 5/8" in diameter.

      Available shapes:



    • $21.75 to $24.30

    • $19.65 to $20.15

    • Used as an adhesive for sticking and holding wax parts together or repairing molds. Ideal as a third hand. Sticks sold by the box, containing 12 sticks 3-1/2" in length.


      SKU: 21.515

    • Soft, very pliable wax that is easily formed and shaped by hand without the use of heat. Perfect for forming large models. Each strip measures 1/4" x 1-1/4" x 21". Supplied in 2 lb boxes.


      SKU: 21.655

    • A special wax for building up wax patterns. It can be carved without chipping or flaking and can be softened over a flame, in hot water or with a heated tool. Comes in two grades of harness, in boxes of 18 sticks 4" x 3-1/4"


    • Dissolves and washes away in water, making it perfect for use as cores for beads and other hollow items. To make a hollow core wax for casting; other, insoluble, waxes are worked over these waxes and when immersed in water, a shell remains. Supplied in irregular chucks of 1 lb.

      Melt temperature of 135°F – 145°F.


    • Sprue Rods

    • Supplied in the most popular diameters for jewelry work. Wax burns out cleanly and rapidly, eliminating pressure in the pattern. Red sticks, 24" long. 7 pcs. Sold in 1 pound boxes.


      SKU: 21.525

    • Ample flexibility and sufficient rigidity make this wax particularly suited for making sprues. Melts at lower temperatures, permitting pattern waxes to be more easily eliminated during burn-out. Comes in boxes of 6" sticks. 1/2 lb. box


    • Sheet Wax

      Designs can be traced directly on sheet and cut with scissors or carving tool .
    • Designs can be traced directly on sheet and cut with scissors or carving tool.

      $18.95 to $23.35

    • Designs can be traced directly on sheet and cut with scissors or carving tool.


    • Pink, very pliable sheets that, when heated, shapes easily. Unusually tough and will stand bending without cracking. When cool, it will hold its shape and is easily carved.


      SKU: 21.450