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Watch Case Tubes

Tubes for Hunter Watches

Tubes for Hunter Watches

Length 10 MM. Made in Switzerland. Learn more ›


Diameter (Internal / External) (in mm)
30HCT/21.05 mm x 1.20 mm$6.55
30HCT/41.45 mm x 1.80 mm$6.55
30HCT/51.45 mm x 1.90 mm$6.55
30HCT/61.55 mm x 2.00 mm$6.55
30HCT/71.60 mm x 2.20 mm$6.55
30HCT/81.55 mm x 2.50 mm$6.55
30HCT/91.90 mm x 2.60 mm$6.55
30HCT/102.10 mm x 2.90 mm$6.55
30HCT/1.95 mm x 1.20 mm$6.55
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