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    Removers, Clock & Watch

    • Essential for removing pins from metal link bands. Made of Keltic II glass-filled nylon, thus unit includes 2 extra spaces to accommodate all bracelet sizes. The pusher pin is hardened tool steel. Will not scratch gold or silver.


      SKU: HOL-118.00

    • Removes all sizes easily. With sturdy jaws and side springs.


      SKU: RM 590346

    • Fiber tips will not mar the dial. Sturdy jaws retract when side springs are pressed. Center plunger hold the hands firmly.


      SKU: RM 590345

    • Multi-tool for removing and replacing friction fitted bracelet pins, bracelet screws and Gucci type bracelet screws. Securely holds bracelets in exact alignment to assure that the watch or bracelet will not be damaged. Pins and screwdriver blades are tempered tool steel. Frame is solid steel except for the non-scratch plastic bracelet holder, which fits bracelets of all sizes


      SKU: SBT-290.00

    • Swiss made, this watch bracelet screw remover is the only way to go when removing double ended screws. Made of nearly unbreakable, high impact glassed filled nylon, this tool features one fixed screwdriver blade and one turnable blade. Both blades are held fast and perfectly aligned to make removing stubborn screws easy. Blades are tempered steel and easily replaceable should they ever break.


      SKU: HOL-120.00

    • Swiss made Gucci Screw Removing Tool is perfect for removing bracelet screws from Gucci and other high fashion watches. Blades are recessed in high impact nylon, so that they cannot scratch. The body of this unit is made of Keltec II, glass-filled nylon and comes with two extra blades. You will never have to struggle again trying to remove Gucci screws. Measures 5-1/2 x 2" x 2-1/4".


      SKU: HOL-119.00

    • Blade Only for Gucci Screw Removing Tool


      SKU: HOL-119.01

    • Used to screw and unscrew bars of bracelets and links of any thickness. Tool fitted with a turning table which can be adjusted to 3 heights (0, 0.5 and 1.0 mm) enabling you to position the bracelet screw in the axis blade. Watch case and bracelet are well protected with cushions.


      SKU: 6670

    • Swiss made tool that provides a sure, quick and easy method of filing the ends of metal bands that require a small amount of adjusting.


      SKU: 2277

    • 7.0 mm wide x 105 mm long with small notch in center in center of face. Swiss made.


      SKU: 30011

    • 9.0 mm wide x 105 mm long with small notch in center of face. Swiss made.


      SKU: 30012

    • Swiss made. 1.8 mm wide. Plastic handle.


      SKU: 5430

    • Swiss made. Pair of levers for small collets.


      SKU: 30013

    • Seat of roller fits into V-slot. Slight pressure on punch removes roller. Swiss made. 0.10 and 0.20 mm punches.


      SKU: 30070

    • Has varying sizes of holes in the head of the tweezers that securely grip the roller. Enables you to turn the balance to release it from the staff. Swiss made.


      SKU: 4852

    • V slot slips between hub of staff and seat of roller. Slight pressure on sides of tools is sufficient to lift roller from balance seat. Extra fine jaws permit use of both small and standard sizes. Swiss made.


      SKU: 2810

    • For all types of clocks and instruments. Jaws are adjustable 24-581to fit over various sized hands and pusher is always centered. Screw pressure pulls hand or gear away from post or pinion. Does not touch dial. Jaws open to 7/16". Post size 1/16".


      SKU: 24.581

    • Screw pressure forces hand away from post. Does not touch dial or rest of mechanism. Also used for pulling small gears, etc. Jaws open to 1/8", post size 1/16".


      SKU: 24.580

    • Precision finished jaws are placed under the hands and subjected to uniform upward pressure when screw in frame is pressed against clock pinion. Hands are gently raised without damage to hands or dial. Comes with 2 sets of jaws. Swiss. Pin diameter - 1 mm.


      SKU: 30002

    • Pusher blocks have fiber tips that will not mar the dial. Jaws retract when side springs are pressed. Center plunger holds the hands firmly. Swiss made.


      SKU: 30636/1

    • Removes all sizes of cannon pins easily, as well as hands on larger watches. Has sturdy jaws and side springs. Pusher blocks have long strokes. Swiss made.


      SKU: 30637/2

    • Designed to remove the smallest sweep wheels, as well as large sweep wheels. Three pronged jaws will fit uneven number of spikes. Swiss made.


      SKU: 30638/3

    • Designed to remove the smallest sweep wheels, as well as large sweep wheels. Three pronged jaws will fit uneven number of spikes. Swiss made.


      SKU: 4079/3A

    • Revolving turret with 4 plungers of different diameters, supports the center post. Removes stubborn hands on gauges and meters, as well as those on watches and clocks,. Will not touch the dial. Swiss made.


      SKU: 30669/4

    • Removes both regular and sweep second hands. Thin, narrow jaws are very effective for countersunk, curved dials. Swiss made.


      SKU: 30670/6

    • Turret with 4 plunger posts, uses center post as support to remove hands without touching the dial. Very useful for stop watches and curved dials. Swiss made. Plunger diameters are: 0.4 mm, 0.65 mm, 0.90mm, 1.15 mm


      SKU: 30671/7

    • Will not damage the tube or mar the case. Exerts an even pressure on the crown and case to lift the crown straight off without snapping. Can also be used to remove hands and setting knobs on travel alarms and desk clocks. Swiss made.


      SKU: 4344/9