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    Oils & Greases for Watch & Clock

    Acknowledged for generations as the finest. All Moebius products are developed, manufactured and tested in Switzerland. The large variety enables you to choose just the right oil or grease for your particular purpose. Natural Watch Oils, a mixture of neatsfoot and mineral oils, are satisfactory except that, after a period of time in contact with metals, they change chemically and form a gummy substance. Synthetic Oils have the same lubricating properties as natural oils, but will not change over a period of time, so they will not gum up, cause corrosion, become acidic, creep or spread.

    Moebius Oils & Lubricants

    • Synthetic oil manufactured for use on pallets. Has a higher degree of oiliness than the standard synthetic oils. Mobius #941. 2 ml.


      SKU: OL 420233

    • Designed for quartz analog watches, particularly the rotor bearing, click wheel and gear train. Non-toxic, non-spreading, long lasting with good viscosity. Mobius #9000. 2 ml


      SKU: OL 42365

    • General purpose for chronometers and watches, all calibers up to 18L. Outstanding lubrication with minimal spreading and a low freezing point. Mobius #8000. 4 ml.


      SKU: OL 42364

    • Designed for slower moving units and larger watch movements. Ideal for lubricating the pivots of staffs, oscillating weights and other parts of automatic watches. Excellent to minus 68° F. Mobius #9020. 2 ml.


      SKU: OL 420219

    • For clocks and meters exposed to low winter temperatures. Mobius #8031. 20 ml.


      SKU: OL 420203A

    • Used as a cleaner, polisher, lubricant and rust preventative. General purpose oil for sewing machines, guns, tools, typewriters and light machinery. 4 ounces oil.


      SKU: OL 42460

    • Clock/Watch oil. 3-1/2 CC of oil.


      SKU: OL 42470

    • Lubricants

    • A general purpose mainspring lubricant. Can be used in watches from 9 Ligne to 19 Ligne, as well as in alarm clocks, pendulum clocks and wall clocks.


      SKU: OL 420206A

    • A general purpose grease well suited to the winding and setting parts of watches. Also for uncoiled mainsprings, as well as for clocks and clock springs. Mobius #8300. 20 ml.


      SKU: OL 42512

    • A general purpose mainspring lubricant. Can be used in watches from 9 Ligne to 19 Ligne, a


      SKU: OL 420206

    • For clocks and meters not directly exposed to low winter temperatures. Mobius #8030. 20 ml.


      SKU: OL 42360

    • For watches and clocks. Mobius # 9415. 2ml.


      SKU: OL 420227

    • For large clocks, tower clocks and small machines. Has a high viscosity and can be used in low temperatures to minus 68° F. MObius #8040. 20 ml.


      SKU: OL 42362

    • Though light enough to flow easily, fulcrum oils stay where applied, giving positive pivot point protection. They won't evaporate, gum or become stringy. Give effective, long lasting lubrication.

      $11.80 to $61.60

    • $37.10 to $233.00

    • $29.40 to $83.70

    • Used to wet sharpening stones.


      SKU: 42.480

    • Specifically formulated for horologists. NanoLube contains NanoDiamonds. The NanoDiamonds act as ball bearings, eliminating friction and wear. NanoDiamonds are .1 to 4 nanometer synthetic diamond ball bearings that never wear out. On average, it takes 80,000 NanoLube particles to span the width of a human hair - and all particles are spherical, synthetic diamond.


    • High vacuum pressure waterproof watch case sealant prevents leakage of moisture into case due to worn gaskets. Will not evaporate, vaporize, harden or break down and will not affect watch oils. Unaffected by temperatures from minus 280°F to 435° F or by moisture, salts, acids, fungi, alkali or sweat. 8 grams.


      SKU: OL 420340A

    • Ideal for lubricating gaskets and O-rings for easier replacement. Simply place gasket between foam pads and twist.


      SKU: OL 420348