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    Clock & Watch Holders & Movement Holders

    • Reversible holder will take all shapes and sizes up to 12-1/2 lignes.


      SKU: HO59280

    • One side takes watches up to 18 lignes and the other is for smaller watches. Room for clearance of curved plates and winding stems. Well made with guide pins. Swiss made.


      SKU: HO59284

    • Designed to hold baguette and very small movements. Easier to work with than larger size holders. Cut outs provide clearance for winding stems. Swiss made


      SKU: HO59278

    • Aluminum caseholder is very well made with nylon pins


      SKU: CWR-175.00

    • Will not mar watch cases. Opens to accept all sizes of waterproof cases


      SKU: MV59086

    • Prevents scratching. Used for opening and closing cases and while making adjustments. Swiss made.


      SKU: 5394

    • This convenient device is terrific for removing pins and doing other work on watches and watch straps, where a firm but soft pad is needed. It may also be used for light hammering. With a size of 115/16" in diameter by 3/8" thickness. Made of black Neoprene plastic, this tool is practically indestructible and price right. It's a handy accessory on any workbench.


      SKU: HOL-180.00

    • Similar to Hockey Puck (above) but square shape with rounded edges.


      SKU: 13.500

    • For holding pallets when replacing or refinishing stones or arbors. Prevents loss of parts or inaccurate settings due to unsteadiness in holding pallets. Swiss made


      SKU: 30433