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    Adhesives, Cements & Glues

    • Super New Glue has a different formula than other super glues giving it superior holding quality, even under the toughest conditions. New Glue is the only cyanoacrylate made in the U.S., so it is purer. Shelf-life is much longer than other super glues because the factory fills the bottles as they are ordered, not months ahead of time.

      $1.89 to $47.22

    • Strong cyanoacrylate adhesive bonds any combination of metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, or glass Sets and cures rapidly at room High resistance to chemicals and low temperatures Requires no surface treatment beyond cleaning temperature Bond is colorless and transparent with almost no shrinkage Low viscosity ensures smooth spreading over entire bonding area using a minimum amount of glue.

      Perfect for jewelry repair. Exceptional adhesion for metal, most plastic, ceramic and glass. No-drip, precision applicator allows for glue to be dispensed one drop at a time.

      $3.25 to $15.55

    • For making and repairing jewelry. Will not shrink and is unaffected by water, oil or gasoline. Clear, permanent bond sets in 5 minutes and withstands temperatures up to 175°F.


      SKU: 12.0451

    • 5-minute quickset epoxy. Exceptional adhesion for metal, glass, ceramic and plastic. 1200 psi strength


      SKU: 12.175

    • Dissolves cured epoxy and polyester resins so you can quickly and easily separate misaligned materials or clean cured resins from metal, stone, glass, wood and many other materials.


    • Melted and applied to a wooden dowel, it securely holds diamonds or other precious stones for polishing operations. 4" x 4".


      SKU: 12.208

    • Used to attach objects to work holders. In bar form, but melts easily. Objects can be cleaned in alcohol. Two 1/2 lb bars per box.


      SKU: 12.203

    • Very handy and versatile material in a convenient form. Opaque stick is widely used for setting jewels and stones, temporarily holding objects. Transparent stick inconspicuously fills holes, dents and scratches. Heat to apply. 7" long. Available in Opaque and Transparent sticks.

      $16.70 to $23.25

    • Its stickiness when heated makes orange flack shellac useful for holding objects being chased or engraved. 6 oz. container


      SKU: 12.227

    • For sealing packages and envelopes. Melting point 170° F. Box contains four 1/2 lb. red sticks.


      SKU: 12.225

    • G-S Hypo Cement. Provides excellent bond between plastic of glass watch crystal and bezel. Will not flake or crack plastic. convenient tube with pin point applicator. Also great for bead stringing.


      SKU: 12.205

    • Used to make self-threading needles and seal closing knots. Water soluble, it washes off hands, tools and beads easily. Directions conveniently on the label.


      SKU: GLU-110.00

    • Made to hold abrasives paper and cloth to discs, sticks and other backing. This pressure-sensitive adhesive holds firmly and peels away easily for quick interchange of discs. Not shippable by air. 5 ounce tube.


      SKU: 10.333