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Valtitan Hand Files

Valtitan Hand Files

For platinum, stainless steel, exotic plastics and other hard to file materials. The hardest surface known
Rockwell hardness 72HRc. Best performance on hard-to-file surfaces. Cut 0 has blunt end. Cut 2 has pointed end.

Little or no clogging, a simple knock is enough to remove the chips. Highly resistant to corrosion. Swiss. 6" files have a width of 1/2" and a thickness of 5/32". 8" files have a width of 29/32" and a thickness of 3/16".

From $41.80

30.210V 1/2"5/32"Cut 006"$41.80
30.211V 1/2"5/32"Cut 06"$44.00
30.212V 1/2"5/32"Cut 26"$47.55
30.213V29/32"3/16"Cut 008 "$57.55
30.214V29/32"3/16"Cut 08 "$60.85
30.215V29/32"3/16"Cut 28 "$65.65
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