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    Soldering Tweezers


    • Peer
      Made in Switzerland.
    • Dumont
      Made in Switzerland.
    • Grobet
      Made in the U.S.A.
    • Prideline
      Economy tweezer

    Tweezer Metals

    The chart below shows general property relationships among the various metals used in the manufacturing of tweezers. In addition, note that the points of the harder metals will wear longer and are less subject to bending. The softer metals will not scratch delicate parts and usually have additional desirable properties such as being non-magnetic, etc. Titanium has a very high melting temperature and is commonly used when soldering platinum.

    Tweezer MetalHardnessNon-MagneticCorrosion or Acid Resistance
    Carbon SteelStainless SteelNon-Magnetic Stainless (Anti-Mag)Brass
    Very HardHardSoftSoft
    • Cross-lock tweezers stands flat to hold work about 1" off soldering boards leaving your hands free. Straight serrated tips hold work securely. 6" long, made of stainless steel.


      SKU: TWZ-941.00

    • Heat resistant fiber grips and permanent tension self locking jaws are ideal for soldering operations or for holding parts. Stainless steel with long, tapered, non-serrated blunt jaws. Total Length 6-1/2".

      $3.75 to $21.20

    • Nickel-plated steel, manufacturered by Grobet.

      $7.45 to $9.55

    • Nickel-plated steel. Closing pressure easily adjusted. Manufactured by Grobet.

      $8.50 to $9.55

    • Inside Holding Ring Soldering Tweezers
      Holds ring from inside shank for easy soldering

      Outside Holding Ring Soldering Tweezer
      Stainless steel slide locking tweezer securely holds the setting and shank in position for easy soldering of solitaires. One tip is curved to hold shank, the other flat & serrated to grip setting.

      $6.10 to $68.35

    • Made specifically for the difficult task of holding half or quarter shanks in place while soldering with no fumbling or misalignment. Invented by a bench jeweler. Made of stainless steel with a steel base, this tool is good for other applications where a gentle but firm hold is necessary. Top arm of the tweezer swings out of the way when not used to hold half or quarter shanks.

      $16.95 to $19.95

    • So why didn't anyone think of this before. This simple tool is a jeweler's dream for soldering rings when resizing. Just fill the cup with cold water and submerge the stone and mounting while soldering the shank. The stone is kept cool in the water. Simple, effective. Soldering cup includes special sized negative locking tweezers designed to sip on and off the post. This is a tool for virtually every jeweler.


      SKU: SOL-700.00

    • Excellent, time-tested method of hands-free holding of work while soldering. For maximum flexibility, third hand tweezers have one universal ball joint and one hinge, and double clamp tweezers have six universal ball joints and 2 hinges.

      $20.15 to $27.05