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    Watch & Clock Repair Books

    • Deals with the usual faults likely to develop in each type of movement in general use, from grandfather to alarm clocks. All tools and equipment are described and illustrated, along with information on proper use. With 400 illustrations, Hard cover, 240 pages.


      SKU: 62.225

    • The BestFit Watch & Jewelry Repair Record Book Complete Information
      • Name and address of owner
      • Repairs made with charges and special information
      • Tag and record number
      • Dates received, repaired and delivered
      • Received by and delivered to
      • Complete description of case, case no., movement no. and markings.
      Facts are arranged for easy, fast and accurate entry as they occur. Wide spaces between lines. Wide spaces for each category of information. Room for 2000 entries. Each line is complete transaction with all information at your fingertips. these records should be kept for at least 3 years. Hard cover, 142 pages.


      SKU: 62.01135

    • Geared for the less affluent collector. Concentrates on the more common timepieces available and how to deal with each component, suggesting original short cuts and ingenuous ideas for making simple tools. Step by step sequences and complete movements with all important parts identified in position. High readability and originality. Hard cover, 296 pages


      SKU: 62.243

    • This book contains 550 illustrations describing the theories and processes of repairing and adjusting the modern watch precisely and with meticulous detail. Hard cover, 299 pages.


      SKU: 62.224

    • 10th edition, with over 500 movement back plate illustrations. Tells you the correct strength Horolovar suspension spring to use on all clocks. Keeps repair time to a minimum with detailed information on correct assembly of the suspension unit, the mainspring size and when the clock was made by what factory. It also includes: sections on adjustment and repair of the escapement, answers to the most frequently asked questions about repairs, plus an illustrated appendix that gives information, drawings, historical facts and help for almost every clock that you will ever repair. hard cover, 200 pages.


      SKU: BK62219