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    Gems & Gem Cutting

    • An introduction to all aspects of lapidary, describing the processes and tools and equipment, from the basics of getting started to studio visits with renown artists. Many photographs and illustrations. Soft cover, 196 pages.


      SKU: 62.01503

    • By Rene Newman, GG, MA Find simple buying tips from a respected gemologist in this handy pocket-sized guide. It contains highlights on diamonds, pearls, colored gem stones, platinum and gold jewelry. Great for shoppers and travelers. Soft cover, 156 pages.


      SKU: 62.405

    • Authoritative reference work, with color photographs of more than 1400 specimens, many shown before and after cutting. Special sections on fabricated and synthetic gems, recognizing gems by color, birthstones and organic gems such as coral and pearl. Includes technical data on gemstone properties, formation and structure of gems and cutting. Hard cover. 256 pages.


      SKU: 62.417