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The Diamond Selection Guide

The Diamond Selection Guide

One picture is worth a thousand words". How many times have you wished that you could illustrate diamond inclusions to your customers or compare popular center stone shapes side by side in order to close a sale?

Now, even inexperienced sales people can efficiently and reliably demonstrate to clients the finer points of diamond buying in a fraction of the time it would usually take. At your finger tips are the actual tools to demonstrate the " 4 C's" of diamond selling gathered together in an attractive and easy format. Each demonstration kit includes actual 1.00 ct. CZMaster Color Grading Set to illustrate diamond colors. Each kit also comes complete with a display booklet explaining diamond color, cut and carat-weight in easy to understand terms, along with exclusive photographs of diamond inclusions to simplify the definition of clarity.

Choose from two presentation designs:


The portable Standard Models are conveniently presented and handy in durable leatherette binders.When open, displayed on the left are 3 locking compartments containing stones, and, on the right, is the informative Display Booklet. Shipping weight 2 lbs.

Deluxe II

The professional Deluxe II models are completely self contained.Slide the protective cover off and displayed will be the 3 locking compartments congaing the stones, a Grading Tray, 2 tiffany Display Rings and Tweezers.Pull out the hidden drawer and access the informative Display booklet. . Shipping weight 5 lbs.

Presentation Design
Stone Set
19705 Stone SetStandard1$18.16
197110 Stone SetStandard125$2,270.00
19855 Stone SetDeluxe1$18.18
198710 Stone SetDeluxe1$18.18
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