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Texturing Hammers

Texturing Hammers

Texturing hammers for non-ferrous metals. Our double-sided hammers enable the user to make attractive patterns to give jewelry and other metal items a special look. Two different patterns with each hammer. Just place sheet metal on a flat metal block or anvil and strike sharply. In no time you will have interesting patterns. Hammers have a Rockwell hardness of 48, and the more the hammer is used, the more interesting the patterns become. Let your imagination take over; our hammers will provide you with a simple and easy method to give your finished piece that extra flair.All hammers are 10" length from top of head to bottom of handle.



Face Diameter
Item Description
HAM-460.01Round 1- 1/8"Wide Stripe / Checkered$19.95
HAM-460.03Rectangular 1 x 1- 3/8"Cross Hatch / Stars$19.95
HAM-460.02Round 1- 1/8"Narrow Sharp Stripe / Dimples$19.95
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