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    Shor Electronic Diamond Testers

    • you want an extremely effective, simple device for determining if your stones are diamonds or not, then this is it! And at an unbelievably low price, too! 

      • Accuracy and reliability exceed all other brands of automatic diamond testers in the world. 
      • Tests small stone sizes that other diamond testers will fail to test. 
      • Fastest warm up time, less than 7 seconds.
      • 3 year warrantee.


      SKU: DIA-620.00

    •  Simply the best diamond tester on the market. If you want the top of the line, this is it.  Detailed, highly accurate information.

      • 2 modes of operation. Automatic modes requires no adjustment.  Manual mode gives added environmental and stone size controls.
      • Linear display give more information
      • Two modes of operation. Automatic mode requires no adjustment. Manual mode gives added environmental and stone size controls.
      • Adjustable gain for small stones sizes that other diamond testers will fail to test properly.
      • Compensation for ambient temperature. All other automatic diamond testers will read sapphires as diamonds at cooler temperatures.
      • Fastest warm up time in the industry (less than 7 seconds).
      • Completely portable (no cords). Uses one inexpensive battery instead of costly, unreliable nickel-cadmium batteries.
      • Low battery indicator insures accurate readings.
      • Automatic shut-off to conserve battery life. Electronic push-button cannot be inadvertently left on as mechanical switches can.
      • Unique new "anti-fade" circuit compensates for stone heating.
      • Handsome carrying case included
      • 7 year warrantee!


      SKU: DIA-651.00

    • The DiamondNite tests for diamond, versus cubic zirconia or synthetic moissanite, so it is a true dual tester. We promise you'll be amazed by the accuracy and simplicity of this test. One touch to the stone - no beep means it is a CZ or other fake, first continuous beep means diamond (green light), if it is followed by a higher continuous beep, then it's a moissanite (red light). It's that simple to operate. Uses 9V battery.


      SKU: DIA-650.00