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    Swabs for Watch Cleaning

    High quality Swiss-made swabs ideal for precision cleaning and applicator needs for watch and clock. Sold & priced in sealed bags of 12 swabs.

    Sealed Foam Swabs; Economical general purpose swabs. The open cell structure gives the best solvent holding ability of any style swab. Free of adhesives or binders that could contaminate your process.Fiberless construction guarantees particle free.

    Sealed Polyester Swabs;Very clean a durable all -purpose swabs.These swabs are acid and solvent resistant and are ideal for tough scrubbing around raised shapes or delicate cleaning applications.

    Wrapped Foam Swabs; Durable wrapped foam swabs designed for precise applications.Wrapped foam delivers superior abrasion resistance for removal of tough contaminants. Wicking action pulls solvent from surfaces. The small tip allows use in very tight tolerance areas, while the pointed end works as a pick.

    SKU: CLN-9XX.0X
    $5.95 to $6.95