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Steam Dragon Deluxe Atmospheric Steamer

Steam Dragon Deluxe Atmospheric Steamer

Unlike old fashioned steamers, there is never a build-up of steam pressure within the steamer itself. This is the perfect steamer for small to medium sized shops. Even large shops are using several units simultaneous. These units are beginning to replace all the old fashioned steamers.

  • Lightweight
  • Maintenance free- no draining necessary
  • Unlimited water capacity- uses distilled water only
  • 110v or 249.95 volt
  • Complete with solenoid foot switch
  • No tank, no danger of explosion, no leakage, no boiler permit required.
  • Built in accordance with UL Approval
  • Automatic safety valve.
  • Cannot burn out if you run out of water
  • Instant steam/off
  • Instant pressure, no waiting for tank to depressurize for refilling
  • Inexpensive

Steamer comparison chart:

Model Pressure Wattage Weight Size
Gemoro 150 lbs. 1500 34 lbs. 11" x 7" x 8" H
Steam Dragon 90 lbs. 1200 22 lbs. 12" x 9" x 10" H
Steam Dragon Deluxe 125 lbs. 1400 32 lbs. 12" x 15" x 11" H

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