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    Soldering Tools & Accessories

    • Specifically made to lift minute drops of molten solder, features a 35 high-tech titanium rod to which solder cannot stick! A non-conductive, non-roll handle assures ease of handling. Every bench, whether working with platinum or gold, should have one.


      SKU: SPK-930.00

    • Niobium is a little known metal with a sky high temperature tolerance of 4,470-1/2 F. It's excellent for platinum and the only metal where contamination is virtually impossible. Niobium may be bent to the desired angle without breaking.


      SKU: SPK-945.00

    • Our tungsten pick can withstand higher temperatures than titanium picks. Will not contaminate platinum.


      SKU: SPK-940.00

    • $4.80 to $9.55

    • Makes sparks to light gas without open flame. Comes with one flint.


      SKU: 14.205

    • Box of 5 flints.


      SKU: 14.206

    • Automatic torch lighter. Depress activator bar and spark instantly lights torch. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Safe, easy and fun to use. A very popular item since we introduced it to the US almost 20 years ago.


      SKU: 14.204

    • Rubber body with replaceable Teflon tip makes it suitable as a blower or for suctioning excess molten soft solder.


      SKU: 54.135