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    Melting & Casting Torches

    • An economical answer both soldering and melting needs.

      • Requires no expensive tanks or gauges
      • Works without bottled oxygen.  Simply draws from the air that surrounds us.
      • 3 interchangable tips so you can both solder and also melt.
      • Complete torch kit includes:  Torch body, hose (4 ft. long) and all 3 tips


      SKU: 14.070

    • Orca tank regulator for 1 torchOrca tank regulator for 2 torchesOrca tank regulator for disposible propane tanks

      $47.70 to $68.90

    • Orca replacement large tipOrca replacement medium tipOrca replacement small tipOrca replacement hose (4 ft. length)

      $13.55 to $36.85

    • Produces an intense, perfectly formed flame. Uses 1/2" hose.

      $103.00 to $105.00

    • Permits mixing of acetylene with air at the torch head, so no other source of air is necessary. Four interchangeable tips are supplied, producing a range of flame sizes from small to large, making it suitable for jewelry soldering (except very small work). and melting. the acetylene is stored in tanks as a liquid and only becomes a gas when valve is opened. Includes torch, handle, 4 tips, regulator for "B" tank and a 6' hose with fittings.


      SKU: 14.235

    • The most powerful platinum melting torch in the industry-   590,000 BTU max. capacity.

      We've been selling this same torch, with almost no modifications in design, for several decades. It's pretty much a standard in the industry because of its excellent results. The standard torch is designed for natural gas and oxygen. This torch is also available with different mixers for other gases.  This torch has a larger tip, gas/fuel mixer and longer wand than any competitive torch and is the most powerful platinum melting torch available. Torch length approximately 26".

      Please allow a lead time of 2-3 weeks.


      SKU: PlatTorch