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    Electric Melting Furnaces

    Kerr ElectroMelt Furnaces

    The world's workhorse for melting metals. Designed to be hand-held for easy pouring directly to the flask. Also used for reclaiming, alloying and refining metals.

    Features found on all Kerr ElectroMelt furnaces:

    • Safety lid switch
    • Built in pyrometer
    • Graphite crucible
    • Graphite stirring rod
    • Extended life heating element (life expectancy: at 1800° F is 500 hours or about 1000 melts / at 2000° F is 30 hours or 60 melts)
    • Available in 120 V and 220 V

    Have an older machine?

    Elements for the older machines are no longer available and unfortunately the new elements do not fit the older machines. We're doing something about that, however:

    With the return of an older machine, Shor will exchange it with a brand new machine, fitted with new elements, for only $645 for the 1 kg. unit and $855 for the 3 kg. unit. That’s about a third off the retail price of a new machine.