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Solder Paste with Flux

Solder Paste with Flux

Ingenious dispenser contains solder with flux. The proper amount of solder and flux can be placed at the exact point required, eliminating waste and improving the appearance of the joint. Solder contains no cadmium.

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Type (Melting Temp)
SOL-820.07Very Easy: Silver 1/2 oz. (450°F)$8.95
54.830Easy: Silver 1/2 oz (1240°F)$47.90
54.831Medium: Silver 1/2 oz (1275°F)$47.90
54.832Hard: Silver 1/2 oz (1365°F)$47.90
54.833Yellow Gold 14K, 1 dwt (1265°F)$122.45
54.834White Gold 14K 1 dwt (1160°F)$125.00
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