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Small Parts Tweezers & Vacuum Tweezers


  • Peer
    Made in Switzerland.
  • Dumont
    Made in Switzerland.
  • Grobet
    Made in the U.S.A.
  • Prideline
    Economy tweezer

Tweezer Metals

The chart below shows general property relationships among the various metals used in the manufacturing of tweezers. In addition, note that the points of the harder metals will wear longer and are less subject to bending. The softer metals will not scratch delicate parts and usually have additional desirable properties such as being non-magnetic, etc. Titanium has a very high melting temperature and is commonly used when soldering platinum.

Tweezer Metal Hardness Non-Magnetic Corrosion or Acid Resistance
Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Non-Magnetic Stainless (Anti-Mag) Brass
Very Hard Hard Soft Soft
No No Yes Yes
Poor Satisfactory Good Fair

Screw Holding Tweezers

Screw Holding Tweezers

A cross slot cut into the tip of the tweezers allows easy pick up of screws or small pieces for placement or examination Learn more ›


SKU: 57.731

Grooved Tip, Small Part Holding Tweezers

Grooved Tip, Small Part Holding Tweezers

The offset points are grooved on the inside to hold miniature parts. Learn more ›


SKU: 57.0250



Manufactured in Switzerland, our slant tweezers offers the best (no kidding) grip for hair removal of any tweezers available. Learn more ›


SKU: TWZ-541.13

Replacement Probe for Vacuum Pickup Tweezers

Replacement Probe for Vacuum Pickup Tweezers

Probe only. Learn more ›


SKU: 57.652

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