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    Precision Anvils

    • Supports work for flattening and when laying out designs. Case-hardened. Ground flat and smooth.

      $18.75 to $28.20

    • This three piece set includes a thick vulcanized firm rubber base which absorbs shock, plus a solid steel block which is 15/16" (24mm) thick and 3" (75mm) in diameter. The third piece is a sturdy nylon block the same size that fits into the rubber base for lighter, more delicate work. This is a well made set, and allows one to hammer without creating excess noise and vibration at the bench.

      Size5" x 2¼"
      Weight2.5 lb


      SKU: DAP-500.30

    • For precision work, our miniature horn anvils are drop forged steel, which is then case hardened. Traditional models which have remained popular for years.

      $20.95 to $26.95

    • Slender support bar providing easier access when shaping pieces.

      Size4-1/4" tip to tip, 1" wide, 3-1/2" high
      Weight1 lb


      SKU: 12.306

    • Round base model has one flat and one round horn on cast steel base.

      Size2-3/4" x 4-3/8"
      Weight1.5 lb


      SKU: ANV-220.00

    • A larger version of our excellent bench anvil, this model is about 3 times the weight. It has a highly polished horn and top surface with a 5-3/4" diameter base for greater stability.

      Size5-1/4" x7-3/4"
      Weight4.5 lb


      SKU: ANV-222.00

    • Made of cast steel, larger anvils are excellent for a variety of uses because of their weight. They make great bench blocks for pounding on metal. Good for applications where lower cost is essential.

      $13.95 to $17.95

    • Used as a base for staking, riveting and drilling small parts. V-slot is handy for removing pinions and similar items. Case hardened and ground flat and smooth. Has 9 graduated holes, one size for stumps and 5 milled slots.

      Size1-3/4" x 1-1/4" x 1/2"
      Weight1 lb


      SKU: 12.315

    • Made of hardened steel with a smooth, polished surface, this tool was built for durability and reliability. A convenient tool for riveting, drilling, and staking small parts, this base can be used to form wire rivets.· Hardened steel base • Portable · Polished for long life • Versatile · Has 15 holes of different diameters • Economical · Has 5 milled slots - 3/64" to 1/4"(1.2mm to 6.4mm)


      SKU: 12.250

    • A favorite for almost 50 years, this high quality block secures rings in a rounded cut-out which prevents flat spotting on the shank. Has graduated sizes and shapes on both sides.

      Size1-3/8" x 3/4"
      Weight1 lb.


      SKU: BT-75