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Shor WhirlWind 1 HP Dust Collector

Shor WhirlWind 1 HP Dust Collector

Introduced to the jewelry industry by Shor in the 1950's, Shor Whirlwind dust collectors (and copies of them) soon became the only dust collectors that manufacturers wanted to purchase. They are still the standard of the jewelry industry.:

  • Heavy wall sealed cabinets, insures maximum collection efficiency, with minimum vibration and noise.
  • Ultra-fine cotton sateen filter bags collect all solid particles. 
  • Filters dust down to 1 micron (microscopic).
  • Stack silencer standard equipment on all WhirlWind dust collectors.
  • Air inlets on both sides of the dust collector to allow more flexibility in shop arrangements.
  • High suction, low muffled noise levels.
  • High capacity contractor switch built in.
  • Locking brackets on bag door to prevent theft of dust.
  • Expected equipment life- 20+ years.

Specifications:  Accomodates 2-4 hoods,  1000 cfm suction, 15 Amps., 120/240 V, dimensions 22"" x 25" x 39" H


SKU: DC-802

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