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    Shor Magnetic Tumbler Instructions

    What is a Shor Centrifugal Magnetic Finisher?

    Direct drive, fan cooled design, a complete system. The magnetic disk that actually turns the pins is made up of many powerful magnets that are precisely placed in a cast disk. The alternating polarity is constantly changing, thereby allowing the media to move freely in a liquid solution that is constantly changing its make-up. This combined with centrifugal force, allows for super quiet and fast time cycles to perform a myriad of applications.


    • Always make sure that the unit is plugged into a properly grounded outlet.

    • Do not remove bowl from its base unless unit is turned off.

    • At no time should you place your hands inside the working chamber while the machine is running. Always make sure that the machine is turned off before performing this operation.

    • When the machine is not un use, remove the bowl from the machine base.

    • Do not fill the chamber past the recommended maximum fill line to avoid spillage.

    • Do not place any items that are affected by magnetism, such as computer disks, credit cards, etc. on or near your magnetic finisher.

    General Information Regarding Your Magnetic Finisher

    Magnetic finishing is today€™s sate of the art method to finish metals that have a high degree of intricacy with medias as small as .010 in diameter and .250 length stainless steel pins. This new method of finishing was first introduced to the jewelry manufacturing markets with tremendous success for processing precious metals. You new centrifugal magnetic finisher features a rugged acrylic bowl, air-cooled magnetic drive and a full year warranty. The proprietary magnetic drive design allows maximum centrifugal force for pin movement and the bowl is designed to allow parts to tumble within this moving mass. This technology allows an extremely fast cycle time.

    Unpacking Your Centrifugal Magnetic Finisher

    Upon unpacking your finisher, you will find within the box; the magnetic tumbler base, the bowl, the pins and the compound (on the larger models, pins and compound must be purchased separately. After removing all the components from the packaging, fill the bowl provided with the correct amount of pins (all the pins that are provided).

    Before you insert the pieces you are going to tumble, be sure to fill the chamber with water to the "fill line". Never exceed filling the bowl past the maximum line. Once the water is in place, you then must add the compound. Add 4-5 drops of compound. As a side note, if your pins should turn black in the beginning, they require cleaning. To clean, fill the bowl with water to the "minimum" line and then add sufficient amount of a suitable cleaning compound to bring the level up to the "maximum" line. Run for approximately five minutes, rinse and then repeat this cycle one more time. It€™s a good idea to clean the shot regularly.

    Instructions and Cycle Times of Machines

    Now you are ready to put your pieces to be finished in the Magnetic Finisher. Turn the machine on. If you have put too many pieces in bowl, the speed of motion will be reduced, and the finishing time will increase. After turning on the machine, set the time for the number of minutes you want to finish your pieces. Most metals will achieve the desired effect in 30-40 minutes. It is a good practice to check the parts progress after the first 20 minutes. If your cycle time ends and you feel you have not reached the desired result, set the time for an additional 10 minutes. As you check your parts for progress, you will notice that the water solution is quite "warm". This is a normal result of friction between your pieces and the stainless steel media pins while processing is occurring.

    It is important to keep the machine clean during the working cycles. We recommend that, after each work cycle, remove the bowl and clean it thoroughly.


    After you finish using your finisher, always remove the bowl from its base and store with the base on a workbench or table. It is also a good practice to unplug your machine daily after each use or if the machine will not be used for a period of time. This practice prevents small children from playing with the controls and accidentally turning the machine on.


    Steel shot should be cleaned with oxalic acid prior to use and periodically afterward.  Use Joy brand dishwashing liquid as a burnishing soap.