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SharkSkin Tags for Printers

SharkSkin Tags for Printers

Primarily used for dot matrix printers, but also suitable for inkjet, typewriters or hard marking. Mounted 3 across on flat, pin feed, fan folded sheets, approximately 6-1/2" across.. Waterproof and safe for ultrasonics, with adhesive free center section.

61.720Pkg of 1,000White$15.05Out of Stock
61.730Pkg of 1,000Blue$14.20Out of Stock
61.750Pkg of 1,000Gold$15.05Out of Stock
61.760Pkg of 1,000Silver$14.95Out of Stock
61.725Pkg of 10,000White$142.95Out of Stock
61.735Pkg of 10,000Blue$158.60Out of Stock
61.755Pkg of 10,000Gold$140.00Out of Stock
61.765Pkg of 10,000Silver$130.00Out of Stock
61.820Pkg of 1,000White$30.65Out of Stock
61.830Pkg of 1,000Blue$22.50Out of Stock
61.840Pkg of 1,000Yellow$22.50Out of Stock
61.850Pkg of 1,000Gold$29.15Out of Stock
61.860Pkg of 1,000Silver$32.90Out of Stock
61.855Pkg of 10,000Gold$275.00Out of Stock
61.865Pkg of 10,000Silver$255.00Out of Stock
61.825Pkg of 10,000White$240.00Out of Stock
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