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    Jeweler's Benches Pins

    • For supporting pieces being flattened and laying out work. Wood bench pin measures Flat anvil is smoothly finished. Adjustable clamp enables you to use it on benches up to 2" thick. Anvil accepts bracelet mandrel.

      $3.75 to $23.35

    • Used as support filing, sawing and drilling. Clamp fits any work surface up to 2" thick.

      $4.80 to $11.70

    • Fit into slot in work bench and are used as supports when filing, sawing, setting etc.

      $4.25 to $4.80

      • Support your arm comfortably when working a  bench or tabletop.
      • The ergonomically designed padded armrest simply slides onto a bench or tabletop  to help alleviate arm fatigue and help steady your arm when working for long periods of time.


      SKU: BEN-100.00

    • By Murray Bovin. Revised and enlarged edition. Clear text with useful photographs an diagrams of fundamental processes and techniques such as enameling, plating and etching. Includes sections on 3 types of casting, stones used for jewelry and methods of setting stones. Appendix and supplementary tables. 228 pages


      SKU: 13.320

    • Screw to top of bench. Shaped especially to hold rings. Has slot as channel for saw blade..


      SKU: 13.303

    • With cut-outto fit hand ring clamp. Mahogany


      SKU: BPN-106.10

    • Has part catching groove on all four sides. Will not warp.


      SKU: 13.0183