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Sandblaster PBH 2000

Setting Up

  1. Attach the air supply line from a compressor capable of maintaining 1-1/2 C.F.M. @ 80 90 P.S.I. to the inlet connection found on the right side of the cabinet.

    Because of the variation in air supply systems, the air inlet coupling is not provided. A regulator can and should be used to prevent excessive pressure.

  2. Empty blasting media into center of cabinet.

  3. Five pounds is enough for efficient blasting. Be sure the end of the pickup tube is covered in the bottom of the cabinet.

    Note: A dust collector is not provided. IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED YOU OPERATE THIS BLASTER WITH SOME SORT OF DUST COLLECTION SYSTEM. An opening is provided on the right hand side of the cabinet with a pre filter already attached.

Maintenance (plugged conditions)

  1. The pencil gun may become plugged from moist media.

  2. Try to dislodge the media with a drill bit or pin.

  3. If the pickup tube is plugged, cover the end of the gun and force the air backward through the gun.

    Warning: When following this procedure, keep the lid closed.
  4. If the media is slow to draw up the tube, begin covering the hole with the sleeve. If the media is clumping and the spray is surging, uncover the hole a bit.


  1. This blasting system is warranted against defects in workmanship of materials in accord with the following terms and conditions.

  2. Warranty extends to the original user only and doesn’t cover cabinets used in commercial rental.

  3. Warranty is valid for a period of one year following date of purchase.

  4. Warranty does not cover maintenance items subject to normal wear such as: nozzle assembly, Mylar sheets and blasting media.

  5. Warranty does not cover misuse or operation not in compliance with these instructions.

  6. Warranty does not apply to damage in transit. In case of such damage, proper claims should be filed.

  7. User should call the factory in the event of defective parts. The parts will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's discretion. This warranty grants the user certain legal rights. Users and purchasers may also be protected by other rights which vary from state to state.

Note: Except for warranties set forth above, the manufacturer makes no other warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness of a product for a particular purpose.

Replacement Parts Reference

Part # Description
2005 Glove Clamp
2022 Gloves
2050 Complete Lid Assembly
2051 Knobs
2054 Pack of 12 Mylar Shields
8013 1/4" Plug Valve
8030 .060 Nozzle End Assembly
8031 .048 Nozzle End Assembly
8032 M60 Complete Ceramic Pencil Gun
8033 .060 TC Nozzle End Assembly
8034 060 TC Complete Pencil Assembly
8060 Cartridge Filter
8061 3" Foam Filter


  • Any blast cabinet will produce a powerful flow of abrasive particles. To avoid personal injury and property damage, read manual thoroughly before operating or servicing this blast cabinet.

  • Your PBH2000 blast cabinet was designed for cleaning, polishing, and finishing with dry abrasives. Never use or mix fluids of any kind with media in this blaster.

  • Be careful to avoid electrical shock and damage to the lamp when installing or replacing the bulb by having the blasting system unplugged.

  • Failure to follow these instructions could result in operator injury as well as void the warranty on the blasting system.

  • Do not exceed 25 Watt TUBE TYPE bulb. Exceeding 25 Watts could damage the plastic cabinet.

  • Media of 50 microns (240 grit) or finer, (i.e. White Aluminum Oxide or Glass Beads), are recommended. Do not exceed particle size.

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