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Regular Bezel Birthstone Earring Studs

Regular Bezel Birthstone Earring Studs

Gold plated surgical steel. Posts are about 1/4" long. Sold and Priced by the dozen pairs (24 pcs.).


Birthstone (Month)
65.020165.0201Garnet (January)$31.15
65.020265.0202Amethyst (February)$31.15
65.020365.0203Aquamarine (March)$31.15
65.020465.0204Crystal (April)$31.15
65.020565.0205Emerald (May)$31.15
65.020665.0206Alexandrite (June)$31.15
65.020765.0207Ruby (July)$31.15
65.020865.0208Peridot (August)$31.15
65.020965.0209Sapphire (September)$31.15
65.021065.0210Rose (October)$31.15
65.021165.0211Topaz (November)$31.15
65.021265.0212Blue Zircon (December)$31.15
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