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Recovery from Cyanide Solutions

Cyanide waters contain a surprising amount of gold. Even small amounts of solution (1 gallon, for example) are worth recovering the gold from. There are many ways to recover precious metals from cyanide waters (cyanide waters include bombing solutions, stripping solutions and plating solutions). Some of these methods include metallic ion exchange, resin ion exchange, chemical precipitation and electrolytic recovery. While these solutions all work well, each have advantages and drawbacks.

We carry 2 different kinds of recovery systems for cyanide waters:

  1. Shor Bombino - Incredibly simple. Electrolytic recovery
  2. Zinc foil or aluminum foil - By far, the least expensive way to go. Metallic ion exchange recovery. Just add the foil to the waters. The foil will dissolve and the other metals will precipitate out of solution. Test with Gold Detection Pills (see below) to insure all the gold is out of solution. The biggest drawbacks of this method are the mess and the significant amount of zinc or aluminum that gets mixed in with your gold.

Replacement Bombino Electrolytic Foil

Replacement Bombino Electrolytic Foil

Replacement Bombino Electrolytic Foil Learn more ›



Bombino Recovery System

Bombino Recovery System

The simplest way to recover gold from cyanide waters. Learn more ›



Replacement Gold Detection Pills

Replacement Gold Detection Pills

Tests for the presence of dissolved gold in cyanide waters. Test is sensitive down to 4 parts of gold per million parts of water. Learn more ›



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