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Re-Cast-It Instructions

Designed to de-oxidize used gold, for casting


  • 10K Scrap: Add 5 dwt. of re-cast-it and 3.57 dwt of fine gold for each 100 dwt. of 1OK scrap being melted.
  • 14K Scrap: Add 4 dwt. of re-cast-it and 5.60 dwt of fine gold for each 100 dwt. of 14K scrap being melted.
  • 18K Scrap: Add 2 dwt of re-cast-it and 6.00 dwt of fine gold for each 100 dwt. of 18K scrap being melted.
  • For white gold, the above ratios can be used, but use will be limited to 1 or 2 times due to the yellowing of the white color.
    If it is to be used with scrap and fresh mixes in continuous reuse, use ½ the amounts listed above. This will prevent excessive buildup of deoxidizers in the metal.


    1. Place Re-Cast-It in bottom of crucible when melting, with scrap on top.
    2. When the mixture becomes fluid, stir with a carbon or quartz rod to clean surface of any oxides produced.
    3. Fluxing may be necessary, depending on condition of old gold. We recommend boric acid. It will work best when old metal is clean from heavy surface oxides and investment powder.
    If metal is contaminated with cuprous oxide (the red copper oxide), only limited positive results can be expected.
    Use carbon rods only with gas fired furnace or torch melt. Quartz rods should be used for all electric induction melting.
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