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Puzzled by Porosity DVD

Puzzled by Porosity DVD

  Puzzled by Porosity
Troubleshooting video for solving casting problems By far the best video for solving casting problems for both novice and highly experienced casters. "Shor's video guide to trouble-shooting casting problems Puzzled by Porosityis far and away the best video of its kind ever made." (Jeweler's Book Club). This video has helped hundreds of casters improve the quality of their castings.

The purpose of the videotape, "Puzzled by Porosity", is to guide the viewer though the various casting processes, pointing out along the way the various traps and pitfalls that can result in casting problems and outlining the solutions to these problems. This is a tape both for the highly experienced caster and for the novice as well. It's so chock full of information that virtually every viewer will come away with new knowledge whether they are viewing the tape for the first time or the twenty-first time. This tape provides the knowledge that most casters spend a lifetime obtaining.

Many jewelry manufacturers (especially smaller shops) feel that the solution to the problems that they experience in the manufacturing processes can be best solved by upgrading their equipment. To some extent this is true. Certainly, many of the more sophisticated machines available today control many variables more precisely than the more primitive equipment. However, most problems can be solved with little or no expenditures for equipment and supplies, just by changing techniques or using additional techniques. Should it prove appropriate to upgrade equipment, usually the smaller, less expensive and yes, less sophisticated, equipment is better suited to most shop's needs. Knowledge, though inexpensive to obtain, is much more valuable than equipment.

Puzzled by Porosity comes complete with transcript and 7-day-a-week technical support by phone


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