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Pro-Line Series Standard Weight Box Joint Pliers

Pro-Line Series Standard Weight Box Joint Pliers

Made in Germany. Excellent quality. Standard weight pliers and nippers with box joints, highly polished finish and plastic covered handles. Pliers and nippers in the most popular shapes for precision work. Jaw edges are beveled to prevent marring.

Chain Nose Long Chain Nose

From $35.00

Jaw Length
Thickness at Tip
46.1641"5/64"4-1/2" Round Nose$37.45
46.1661-1/8"5/64"5-1/2" Round Nose$38.70
46.1701"1/32"4-1/2" Long Nose Chain$35.00
46.1721-1/4"1/32"5-1/2" Smooth$59.95
46.1741-1/4"1/32"5-1/2" Serrated$59.95
46.1801-3/8"1/32"5-1/2" Long Nose Chain$38.70
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