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    Silversmithing Books

    • Written for all who do metalsmithing. Contains the latest techniques and practical ideas and includes chapters on art metal work. Instructions are clear, easy to follow and are supported by over 300 illustrations. Soft cover. 184 pages.


      SKU: 62.456

    • Step by step illustrated instructions for making 10 unique and beautiful pieces ranging from precut to art knives. Includes sections on tools, materials, forge setup, sheath making and knife design. soft cover 222 pages.


      SKU: 62.01513

    • A unique and practical tool for the bench jeweler and student, as well as the retail jeweler. Easy to follow text and illustrations on many aspects of gems and jewelry, including: a listing of gems and jewelry properties, a list of birth stones, diagrams of standards of diamond, gold and silver marketing, formulas and chemical preparations, ring size gauges and sizes, measurement conversion tables and more. soft cover, 112 pages.


      SKU: 62.443A

    • By Harold O'Connor. A wealth of information on findings, processes, techniques and materials for the novice or intermediate craftsman. Instructs on care and use of equipment and give expert information on jewelry making techniques. Soft cover, 68 pages.


      SKU: 62.460

    • A complete booklet on the subject of plating precious metals. Soft cover, 12 pages.


      SKU: 62.01215

    • The flexible shaft machine is probably used more often than any other tool by the practicing craftsman. This well illustrated book serves as a starting point. Soft cover, 47 pages.


      SKU: 62.499

    • The illustration of jewelry is the language by which an idea is transformed into reality. Knowing this language is essential in order to communicate with others your idea about a design. The designer with accurate and professional looking illustrations has an advantage. This manual brings the talents, expertise and individuality of outstanding jewelry designers into one volume. The templates provide support in making your ideas into a pleasing visual rendering. The manual ,and template set together, helps either student or trained designer bring design ideas to life. Book includes 5 templates


      SKU: 62.495

    • Mattiello brings the talents, expertise and individuality of 6 outstanding jewelry designers together in this comprehensive book. Features full instruction on jewelry illustration, with step by step guidelines and clear photographs and drawings explaining each process. A Valuable resource for the beginning designer as well as the experienced professional. It's also ideal for the retail jeweler who wants to illustrate a custom design or restyling idea for a customer. Hard cover with 152 pages and hundreds of full color photographs and illustrations. Also includes 5 different design templates.

      $84.20 to $155.00