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Pattern #00 Tweezers

Pattern #00 Tweezers

A general utility tweezer for assembly, inspection, sorting, etc. Shanks are thick and have flat edges that enable the user to grip and hold the object with the edge as well as the tip Points are honed and have blunt tips. Overall length is 4-3/4".

From $23.35

57.476Carbon SteelPeer$58.30
57.277Stainless SteelDumont$57.65
57.477Stainless SteelPeer$50.40
57.278Anti-Acid/Mag SSDumont$54.10
57.478Anti-Acid/Mag SSPeer$46.80
57.842Anti-Acid/Mag SSGrobet$23.35
57.276Carbon SteelDumont$58.95
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