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Pacific Silicone Carbide Unmounted Wheels, Cylinders & Points

Pacific Silicone Carbide Unmounted Wheels, Cylinders & Points

From $15.00

11.851Square 7/8" x1/8"Sillipum Pumice20$15.00
11.917Square 7/8" x1/8"Coarse20$19.10
11.909Square 7/8" x1/8"Hi Shine20$19.10
11.841Square 7/8" x1/8"Long Life Coarse20$18.00
11.811Square 7/8" x1/8"Dark Grey for Softer Metals20$19.30
11.819Square 7/8" x1/8"White for Harder Metals20$17.00
11.827Square 7/8" x1/8"Pink Hi Shine20$19.00
11.861Square 7/8" x1/8"Extra Fine20$18.00
11.862Square 7/8" x1/8"Extra Fine100$75.00
11.852Square 7/8" x1/8"Sillipum Pumice100$64.70
11.916Square 7/8" x1/8"Coarse100$80.60
11.908Square 7/8" x1/8"Hi Shine100$77.00
11.842Square 7/8" x1/8"Long Life Coarse100$69.45
11.812Square 7/8" x1/8"Dark Grey for Softer Metals100$79.00
11.820Square 7/8" x1/8"White for Harder Metals100$79.00
11.828Square 7/8" x1/8"Pink Hi Shine100$71.65
11.865Square 5/8" x1/8"Extra Fine20$18.00
11.853Square 5/8" x1/8"Sillipum Pumice20$15.90
11.919Square 5/8" x1/8"Coarse20$15.90
11.911Square 5/8" x1/8"Hi Shine20$19.10
11.813Square 5/8" x1/8"Dark Grey for Softer Metals20$18.05
11.821Square 5/8" x1/8"White for Harder Metals20$17.00
11.829Square 5/8" x1/8"Pink Hi Shine20$19.10
11.866Square 5/8" x1/8"Extra Fine100$75.80
11.854Square 5/8" x1/8"Sillipum Pumice100$64.70
11.918Square 5/8" x1/8"Coarse100$68.50
11.910Square 5/8" x1/8"Hi Shine100$68.50
11.814Square 5/8" x1/8"Dark Grey for Softer Metals100$77.40
11.822Square 5/8" x1/8"White for Harder Metals100$77.40
11.830Square 5/8" x1/8"Pink Hi Shine100$84.00
11.863Knife 7/8"Extra Fine20$18.00
11.855Knife 7/8"Sillipum Pumice20$15.00
11.913Knife 7/8"Coarse20$20.45
11.905Knife 7/8"Hi Shine20$18.00
11.815Knife 7/8"Dark Grey for Softer Metals20$17.00
11.823Knife 7/8"White for Harder Metals20$17.00
11.831Knife 7/8"Pink Hi Shine20$19.00
11.864Knife 7/8"Extra Fine100$75.00
11.856Knife 7/8"Sillipum Pumice100$61.00
11.912Knife 7/8"Coarse100$80.60
11.904Knife 7/8"Hi Shine100$80.60
11.816Knife 7/8"Dark Grey for Softer Metals100$79.00
11.824Knife 7/8"White for Harder Metals100$79.00
11.832Knife 7/8"Pink Hi Shine100$84.00
11.867Knife 5/8"Extra Fine20$19.10
11.857Knife 5/8"Sillipum Pumice20$15.90
11.915Knife 5/8"Coarse20$19.10
11.907Knife 5/8"Hi Shine20$19.10
11.817Knife 5/8"Dark Grey for Softer Metals20$18.05
11.825Knife 5/8"White for Harder Metals20$17.00
11.833Knife 5/8"Pink Hi Shine20$19.10
11.868Knife 5/8"Extra Fine100$75.80
11.858Knife 5/8"Sillipum Pumice100$64.70
11.914Knife 5/8"Coarse100$80.60
11.906Knife 5/8"Hi Shine100$80.60
11.818Knife 5/8"Dark Grey for Softer Metals100$79.00
11.826Knife 5/8"White for Harder Metals100$77.40
11.834Knife 5/8"Pink Hi Shine100$84.30
11.845Cylinder1" x 1/2"Extra Fine12$35.00
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