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    Multisizer Finger Gauge

    The patented Multisizer ring finger gauge is a small investment that can have a sizable impact on your profits. Here's how:

    Imagine your customer is looking through your ring catalog and spots a ring he wants to buy. The customer want to order, but he can't because he doesn't know her ring size. He can guess (and probably guess wrong) or visit a competitor. Either way you lose. Give your customer a Multisizer. It's simple to use that your impulse-buy customer can easily and confidently measure her finger size himself with accuracy up to a quarter size. It's so inexpensive, you can comfortably give them away whenever a customer wants to buy a spouse or girlfriend a surprise ring without bringing them into the store.

    If you're making a mailing, just include the Multisizer in the mailer. You'll eliminate the number cause of return- wrong size. In addition, many customers hesitate to order because they don't want to return the ring because it may be the wrong size. With the Multisizer, they'll be confident that the size they choose will be the right size. Your volume of orders will increase.

    SKU: 5901