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    Mini Home Ultrasonic Instructions

    The ultimate appliance that cleans ultrasonically.

    Caution: Do not use to clean soft stones such as pearls or opals. Do not use acid of any type in this unit.

    Step-By-Step Process

    1. Position the unit so that the "ON" red indicator light is easy to see. It is also helpful to place the unit somewhat close to a sink or water supply and close to an electrical outlet.
    2. Fill the unit tank with warm tap water up to and cover the bead lines on the inner tank surface. The volume of water used is six ounces. Do not operate the ultrasonic unit without water or cleaning solution in the tank.
    3. Plug the unit line plug into a standard electrical outlet.
    4. Add one measuring scoop full (1/4 teaspoon) of Cleaning Powder to the water in the tank. A second measure may be added to the water if the debris on the object to be cleaned seems especially heavy or hard to clean.
    5. Turn on/off the unit by using the line switch. The nonabrasive and no-foaming cleaning action begins within a few seconds. The solution must be free of all air (degassed) before full ultrasonic cleaning efficiency begins. The "ON" red indicator light is illuminated and a slight "shimmering" ripple harmonic wave pattern may be visible on the surface of the solution in the tank. You will hear a low-frequency "buzz" indicating that the unit is on.
    6. Place the item or objects to be cleaned into the solution in the ultrasonic tank. Depending upon the type of debris and the degree of accumulation of debris, cleaning times may vary from several seconds to one-half hour.
    7. When cleaning is complete, turn the u nit off using the line switch.
    8. Remove the cleaned item or objects from the solution in the ultrasonic tank. Rinse well in tap water. Dry the item thoroughly.