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L-G Master Case Opener for Waterproof Cases

L-G Master Case Opener for Waterproof Cases

Opens any size or shape of case, knurled or polygon, with any number of slots, notches or holes. Gets a tight grip that will not scratch or mar. Cover can be left in wrench ready for replacing. Complete with 4 sets of interchangeable jaw pins. Made in USA

From $4.95

CWR-600.01Cover with Holes Pins$8.95
CWR-600.02Polygon Cover Pins$8.95
CWR-600.03Multinotch Replacement Pins$8.95
CWR-600.04Knurl Type Pins$8.95
CWR-600.07Center Shaft Pins$4.95
CWR-600.09Thumb Screw Pins$6.95
CWR-600.10Complete 12 Piece Spare Pin Set $34.95
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