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    Nylon & Brass Jaw Pliers

    Brass Lined Pliers

    • Jaws are brass lined and smooth to prevent marring of finishes and damage to delicate parts. Overall length is 4-1/2". Length of jaws is 7/8"


      SKU: 46.316

    • Lightweight Stainless Steel work pliers are completely rust proof. Polished heads and smooth jaws prevent marring of soft metals. Cushioned grip handles. Overall length is 4-1/2".
      StandardBrass Lined

      $12.75 to $15.90

    • Nylon Jawed Pliers

    • The body of these pliers are rust free stainless steel with double leaf springs. Comfortable cushioned grips.


      SKU: PLR-755.00

    • Available with round jaws top and bottom, flat jaws top and bottom or with top round and bottom flat jaws. Overall length is 5-1/2".


    • Excellent for holding objects in its non-marring nylon jaws.Available with either vertical or horizontal jaws.Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $25.75 to $27.05

    • Reshaping bracelets is easy with these gently arched nylon jaws. Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $4.15 to $19.95

    • For bending rings, sizes 6-1/2" and larger, these pliers save the work from scratches and unsightly marring.Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $4.15 to $19.50

    • For bending wire. Available in regular or grooved. Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $4.95 to $28.25

    • For bending wire. Available in regular or mini. Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $24.50 to $28.25

    • These flat nose pliers, with two nylon jaws,will not mar or scratch, and they provide a firm, secure grip on the work. One jaw is grooved for easily gripping rings or wire shanks. Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $4.95 to $27.60

    • Consistently and repeatedly form stock and wire without pinching or binding. These are heavy duty pliers! The nylon roller make it quicker and easier to form rings, from sizes 4 up to bangle bracelets, without marring or scratching the surface. Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $6.40 to $31.30

    • Fine quality pliers with replaceable nylon jaws.Holds jewelry tight but absolutely will not mar jewelry. PVC covered handles.Box joint construction. Jaws can be altered by cutting or by melting objects into them.

      $4.15 to $22.50

    • 4-1/2" (120mm) plier with a spring and light blue PVC comfort grips. The spring is handy but detachable. Now you will have the best of both worlds: a beautifully made stainless plier with tough nylon jaws that fits the hand perfectly!

      $4.15 to $13.95

    • Nylon jaws are 10 mm wide and will not scratch or mar. Great for forming wire or stock and to straighten kinks.Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $4.95 to $24.50

    • Two nylon jaws are excellent for hold wire because they will not scratch.The jaws taper from 9 mm to 5 mm and are great for straightening wire and for wire wrapping.Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $6.15 to $24.50

    • The flat jaw is nylon, so you won't scratch or mar the surface. The round jaw is metal, making these ideal for bending ring shanks and shaping earring wires. Use on sheet and wire to form intricate designs. Length is 5-1/2".

      $5.85 to $26.50

    • Tube Holding Pliers are made to hold tubing gently but firmly when cutting, filing or doing other operations. Nylon jaws are designed to hold virtually every size tube and will not scratch. Jaws may be replaced. Total length of pliers is 6-1/2" (165mm) long.

      $4.95 to $24.99

    • The flat jaw is nylon, so you won't scratch or mar the surface. The concave jaw is metal, a "V" shape for forming metal. Use on sheet and wire. 11 mm wide nylon flat jaw and 6 mm wide "V" metal jaw. Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $4.95 to $29.70

    • Powerful pliers with non-marring nylon jaws.

      $4.15 to $21.95