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    Flat Jaw Pliers

    • Made originally for the electronics trade, this plier gives the user precise surgeon-like control. Slim (only 3/16" x 1/8" at the hinge pin) and ultra light, Micro Mini pliers are outstanding for delicate jobs and are especially popular with the beading industry. 5" in overall length. Box joint construction, stainless steel and curved comfort-designed cushioned handles. Serrated (cut jaw).


      SKU: PLR-580.05

    • Premium quality box joint pliers. Excellent for fine work. Each lightweight German plier has been superbly polished. They are made of the highest quality steel and feature blue vinyl coated handles. Double leaf springs for smooth and comfortable operation. The extra light weight plier is for extremely fine work and has smooth jaws. Overall length 4-1/2".

      $20.75 to $21.95

    • Box joint construction. Polished heads with double leaf spring return. Plastic grip handles. Overall length is 4-1/2".


      SKU: 46.423

    • New, user friendly pliers with black comfort grips and fine precision points. Black oxidized non-glare finish.Smooth jaw. Inexpensive. Overall length 5".


      SKU: PLR-595.05

    • Same premium quality Relentless brand and with ergonomic hands that give users 60% more gripping surface. Smooth jaws. Overall length 4-1/2".


      SKU: PLR-105.00E

    • Double leaf springs with vinyl grips. Made of the finest European steel available. Smooth jawed plier has slightly beveled edges to avoid marring. Long nose chain features 1-1/2" long jaws. Overall length is 5" for regular & bent nose chain and is 5-1/2" for long nose chain.

      $21.90 to $22.80

    • Exclusive textured grip that makes work easier. Highly polished stainless steel. All have box joints, radius edges, cushion grips and double leaf springs. Overall length is 4-1/2" (121 mm).


      SKU: PLR-260.05

    • Excellent quality at a price just right for the professional who really uses pliers everyday - week after week. With textured PVC handles that give the user a superb grip, double-leaf springs and box-joint construction, this plier is an excellent value. The best combination of quality/value/price. Carbon steel. Brush satin finish and double leaf spring return. Overall length is 4-3/4" (121 mm).


      SKU: PLR-360.05

    • Unsurpassed quality in this price range. Made for students, craftspeople or anyone who needs usable pliers at reasonable prices and consistent quality. Box joint construction. Brushed finish with double leaf spring return. Plastic grip handles.

      $5.95 to $6.25

    • Made in Germany. A fine series for light production and assembly work. All Have box joints, radius edges, cushion grips and leaf springs. Overall length is 4-3/4" (121 mm).Jaw length 7/8" alt at tip1/8 "Thickness at tip 1/16".


      SKU: 46.202

    • Made in USA. Top quality box joint construction - smooth, non-mar jaws. Brush satin finish and double leaf spring return. Foam grip comfort handles. Exceptionally comfortable to use. Overall length is 4-1/2" (121 mm).


      SKU: 46.082

    • The body of these pliers are rust free stainless steel with double leaf springs. Comfortable cushioned grips.


      SKU: PLR-755.00

    • Jaws are brass lined and smooth to prevent marring of finishes and damage to delicate parts. Overall length is 4-1/2". Length of jaws is 7/8"


      SKU: 46.316

    • Lightweight Stainless Steel work pliers are completely rust proof. Polished heads and smooth jaws prevent marring of soft metals. Cushioned grip handles. Overall length is 4-1/2".
      StandardBrass Lined

      $12.75 to $15.90

    • Our mini 3 "pliers are the ultimate in portability. Made of stainless steel with red cushion grips and leaf springs, they can go anywhere.


      SKU: PLR-430.30

    • Made in Germany of tempered steel. Features red cushioned grip handles with double leaf springs and large axle. Smooth jaw. Overall length 4-1/2".


      SKU: PLR-400.00

    • A very good quality lap joint plier at an excellent price. Carbon steel with dual leaf springs and PVC grips. Pliers are lap-jointed with over-sized axles to assure long life and smooth action. Smooth jaw. Inexpensive. Overall length 4-3/4".


      SKU: PLR-590.05

    • Good quality carbon steel work pliers have cushion grip handles . With smooth jaws and polished heads to prevent marring on soft metals. Overall length is 4-1/2".


      SKU: 46.0170

    • Made in Germany. Sturdy full sized pliers have box joint for smooth operation. With leaf spring and cushion grips for comfort. Overall length is 5-1/4" (133 mm). Length 1-3/8" alt at Tip 1/16" Thickness at Tip 3/16" .


      SKU: 46.0257

    • Made in Germany. This series is of a weight for medium to small work. These are precision pliers and nipper with box joints to eliminate side play and maintain alignment of jaws even under stress. The heads are brightly polished and the handles have vinyl cushion grips. Jaw edges are beveled to prevent marring. No spring.

      Chain NoseChain Bent Nose

      $35.00 to $51.95

    • Made in Germany. Standard weight pliers and nippers with box joints, highly polished finish and plastic covered handles. Pliers and nippers in the most popular shapes for precision work. Jaw edges are beveled to prevent marring. Smooth Jaws. No spring. Overall Length 5-1/4" Jaws Length 1- 5/8" alt at Tip 1/32".


      SKU: 46.176

    • Fine quality pliers with replaceable nylon jaws.Holds jewelry tight but absolutely will not mar jewelry. PVC covered handles.Box joint construction. Jaws can be altered by cutting or by melting objects into them.

      $4.15 to $22.50

    • 4-1/2" (120mm) plier with a spring and light blue PVC comfort grips. The spring is handy but detachable. Now you will have the best of both worlds: a beautifully made stainless plier with tough nylon jaws that fits the hand perfectly!

      $4.15 to $13.95

    • Two nylon jaws are excellent for hold wire because they will not scratch.The jaws taper from 9 mm to 5 mm and are great for straightening wire and for wire wrapping.Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $6.15 to $24.50

    • Nylon jaws are 10 mm wide and will not scratch or mar. Great for forming wire or stock and to straighten kinks.Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $4.95 to $24.50

    • The flat jaw is nylon, so you won't scratch or mar the surface. The round jaw is metal, making these ideal for bending ring shanks and shaping earring wires. Use on sheet and wire to form intricate designs. Length is 5-1/2".

      $5.85 to $26.50

    • The flat jaw is nylon, so you won't scratch or mar the surface. The concave jaw is metal, a "V" shape for forming metal. Use on sheet and wire. 11 mm wide nylon flat jaw and 6 mm wide "V" metal jaw. Overall length is 5-1/2".

      $4.95 to $29.70

    • Heavy Flat NoseLight Flat Nose Serrated JawCombination Length: 5" or 5-1/2"Chain NoseDiagonal Cutters

      $23.35 to $47.25