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    Gems & Jewelry-  Buying & Selling Guides

    • Written by a gemologist and lecturer with broad experience who will teach you how to tell a ruby from a red glass and a good sapphire from a bad one. the first and only consumer book on the ruby and sapphire. Tells you how to spot value and avoid rip-offs. Many photos and step by step pointers on how to get the most for your money. Soft cover, 204 pages.


      SKU: 62.414

    • Offers detailed guidelines on judging jewelry quality. Covers buying jewelry that lasts on a budget, how to detect fakes, caring for your gold jewelry, how to spot poor craftsmanship and give you a wealth of information on gold chains, mountings, multi-colored gold and coin jewelry. Many photographs, both color and black and white. soft cover, 172 pages.


      SKU: 62.01504

    • Explains to the consumer how to spot value and avoid rip-offs. Written by an experienced gemologist, it gives practical advise on selecting diamonds and ring mountings. Also tells how to care for and protect diamond jewelry and how to compare prices of gold, platinum and diamond jewelry. Soft cover, 150 pates.


      SKU: 62.404

    • Pearl buying made simple. Written in easy to read everyday English by consumer author Renee Newman, a gemologist, lecturer and talk show guest. Lots of explanatory photos and step by step pointers on how to buy the best pearls for the money. Learn how to recognize real pearls, compare prices and save money. Soft cover, 188 pages.


      SKU: 62.406

    • With over 100 illustrations, it's a thorough, comprehensive, easy to understand layman's course in gem and jewelry buying. Valuable price charts, money saving tips, a "how to know what you're buying" book. Covers diamonds, pearls, precious and other popular gems. Soft cover, 213 pages.


      SKU: 62.411