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Drill Bits: Pivot, Pearl & Bur

  • Flat Pivot Drills

    Carbon steel. Right hand with rake angle of zero degrees. Shank diameter for sizes .004" to .026" is 1 mm. For sizes .028" to .5.0" shank is 1.5 mm. Sold by the dozen, loose pack. Approximate cutting bit (flute) length is 3/4".

    $38.40 to $42.50

  • Flat Pivot Drill Sets

    Mounted in wood block.

    $43.80 to $50.40

  • High Speed Steel Spiral Pivot Drills

    Right hand, fast helix type with positive rake angle. Flute length is seven times the diameter of flute diameter. Shank diameter is 1 mm. Sold loose by the dozen.


    SKU: 28.448

  • Pearl Drills

    For drilling holes in pearls, sold individually.

    $6.25 to $100.75

  • Twist Drill Burs

    Not sure what size you need? Click here for a size/ISO conversion chart.

    $9.60 to $14.34