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    Jewelry Marking & Stamping

    • Jewelry Marking Machine

      For perfect impressions and identification markings on all rings, charms, disks or any flat pieces. Set consists of spring action lever machine (automatically returns to upright position), 6 punches (3 bent and 3 straight in 10K, 14K and 18K) and 3 nylon anvils to prevent scratch marks. Anvils can be shaped to support specific pieces. Wood provides storage space for parts.

      Regular Price: $499.80

      Special Price $499.79

      SKU: 55.0280

    • Replacement Anvil for Jewelry Marking Machine

      Replacement Anvil for Jewelry Marking Machine


      SKU: 55.0281/1

    • Ring Stamping Device

      Accommodates standard stamps with approximately 5/16" square bodies. Eliminates the need to hold ring and stamp in one hand. Simply position ring over mar-proof nylon anvil and tap stamp with mallet. Easy and accurate time saver. eliminates slipping of ring and it's also ideal for flat stamping. The sleeve can be reversed or the stamp body can be touched up with a file if stamp is not 5/16" square. Stamps not included.


      SKU: 55.200

    • Stainless Steel Jewelry Marking Pliers

      Can be used on curved or flat surfaces to stamp inside rings as small as size 4. Requires no set up or hammering. Little pressure is needed to stamp precious metals including white gold. Made of durable stainless steel with adjustable screw to lock stamp in place. Overall length 5-1/2". Punches not included.


      SKU: 46.02405

    • Brass Ring Stamping Block

      A favorite for almost 50 years, this high quality block secures rings in a rounded cut-out which prevents flat spotting on the shank. Has graduated sizes and shapes on both sides.

      Size1-3/8" x 3/4"
      Weight1 lb.


      SKU: BT-75

    • 1/16" Letter Stamps Set- In plastic case with cover

      1/16" Letter Stamps Set- In plastic case with cover


      SKU: PUN-105.95

    • 40-Hole Stamp Stand

      For round shank stamps only (see below). It makes storing and searching for the right stamp a much easier task. This practical item is made of hardwood with a generous 40 holes and varnished for good looks and protection.


      SKU: PUN-140.00

    • Set of Steel Numeral Stamps

      Set of 9 stamps # 0-8 with # 6 being used upside down to make # 9. In hardwood case. Numbers are 1/16" high


      SKU: 55.400

    • Square Shank Hand Stamps

      Straight and bent (ring) in sizes #1, #2 and #3.

      Size Chart

      Size # 1Size # 2Size # 3
      1/24" (1.1 mm)1/32" (.8 mm)1/45" (.6 mm)

      $23.45 to $33.50

    • Round Shank Precious Metal Stamps

      Quality, US made, hand stamps on 1/2" round, heat treated tool steel. Sizes 1 & 2.

      Size Chart

      Size # 1Size # 2Size # 3
      1/24" (1.1 mm)1/32" (.8 mm)1/45" (.6 mm)

      $8.55 to $14.95