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    Jeweler's Saws & Blades

    • 28 pieces in handsome wood chest with molded storage trays. Contains lightweight, medium weight, heavy duty, awl, miter box, razor saw, sander, screwdriver and 20 assorted blades.


      SKU: 39.268

    • Exceptionally sharp blades for cutting patterns, as well as many other all purpose uses. Comes with one # 16 and two # 11 blades.


      SKU: 39.250

    • Stand safely holds knife without harming blade. Less chance of cuts or blade damage. Comes with fifteen # 11 blades in a pop-up dispenser.


      SKU: 39.270

    • 13 piece set includes 3 handles plus ten assorted extra blades. Handles are lightweight, medium weight and heavy duty weight. The blades include one each of # 16,19, 24 and 25 as well as two each of # 11, 22 and 23. Comes in plastic case.


      SKU: 39.267

    • Finest quality German saw blades. Priced per gross (1-9 gross.)

      $41.00 to $61.50

    • Finest quality German sawblades. Priced per gross (1-9 gross.)

      $43.50 to $66.00

    • A good, inexpensive blade for the hobbyist. Priced by the gross.


    • Top quality Swiss sawblades. Priced by the gross.

      $21.75 to $26.95

    • Cuts in any direction.See also Skip a Tooth wax saw blades.

      $4.50 to $99.00

    • Revolutionary design, perfectly balanced sawframes. Ergonomic handles reduce fatigue and provide greater dexterity. Patented blade lock design eases blade insertion, maintains perfect alignment and eliminates the wobble which reduces blade loss during use. Precision made of the highest quality spring steel with non-glare finish. Set screws can be used on either the left or right side of the frame according to your preference.


    • Top quality, adjustable steel frames. Quick replacement of sawblades by convenient twist of thumbscrew. Hand fitted wooden handles. Blades mount to specially hardened steel grippers with serrated surfaces. Most popular depth is 2-1/2".

      $18.05 to $29.15